Schools Team Challenges

Team Challenges

This is a popular package with pupils & their group leaders - reinforcing the maxim that ‘science can be fun!'

The cross-curricular challenges are designed for a range of abilities to encourage pupils to work together to help develop team skills as well as confidence as an individual.

Dependent upon the number of pupils you bring and the amount of time you can spend at The Centre, the visit usually includes:
30 / 40 minute Telescope Tour OR Science Show
2 or 3 challenges
Opportunities to explore the hands-on exhibits indoors & out (weather permitting)
Lunch break and visit to the shop

You will be given a structured timetable for your visit and before you leave we will gather together and announce the team winners.

Pupils remain under the supervision of their group team leader at all times.
£7.25 per pupil
Supervising adults FREE - 1 adult is required per team

Telephone: 01323 832731

What are the Team Challenges?

Challenges are set against the clock; some are our own creation, whilst others will be a twist on a more familiar format.

-Bridge Building: fastest time wins with the construction of this large   wooden truss bridge
-Tower Construction: tallest tower wins using our shaped foam blocks-  we expect at least 2.5 metres!
-Tower of Hanoi: our own version of this amazing logical maths puzzle
- Launch Pad: a favourite straw & paperclip construction activity
- Decipher the Codes: crack the code to open the padlocks
- Lost in Space:   Option 1 reassemble the planets in their correct order   but don't fall off your gravity blocks or you will be Lost in Space.  Option 2 - a more challenging version of the above, involving a variety  of space objects.

These challenges can be mixed & matched in any number of ways. For example, Bridge Building, Tower Construction and The Launch Pad would be a suitable combination of physical challenges with an emphasis on construction; whilst the 'table based' Locks and Tower of Hanoi would be suitable for more logical brains.