Schools Telescope Tour

You are not booking a tour in the sense of 'join the crowd, follow me and listen to the lecture'.
You are booking a private tour for your group, with dialogue aimed at the pupils level of knowledge and with plenty of Q&A opportunity.

Your group will be led by a member of science centre staff as you visit two domes housing historic telescopes.

Imagine the ‘wow' factor for pupils (and adults) to be seated beneath an historic telescope and to discover ‘How the telescopes have been used', ‘What we can learn from them today' and ‘How the astronomers would have worked here' when it was The Royal Observatory.  

The tour includes reference to the history of the site, the copper clad domes and the logistics of operating these huge telescopes.

Principles of refraction and reflection will be shown by simple demonstrations and the tour normally incorporates a visit to 2 domes: 1 housing a refractor telescope and 1 a reflector.

It is hoped this experience will help to foster an understanding of telescopes and stimulate an interest in astronomy.

A tour lasts approximately 40 minutes and costs an additional £1 per pupil.
KS3 / KS4 pupils, and groups with a particular interest in physics / engineering / astronomy can book a tour to incorporate additional telescope domes and areas, depending on time and availability.
Telescope Tour Risk Assessment