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Earth and Beyond Exhibits

Take a journey from the microscopic level of everyday things to the Solar System and beyond!

Telescopes and microscopes are opposites. One looks outwards discovering what lies in the Universe; the other looks inwards and has helped scientists unravel Earth's mysteries at the micrscopic level.

This exhibition tells Earth's story and takes you on a journey from the beginning of time from the microscopic to the macroscopic.

The interactive exhibits and displays answer so many questions and help you understand many of the phenomena experienced on Earth from its core to the upper atmosphere. It also allows you to explore the planets and the Sun. Some of the questions it helps to answer are: Why do we have different seasons? What protects the Earth from the harmful rays of the Sun? Are there really different kinds of clouds? Can you build a tower to withstand a severe earthquake? What causes an earthquake? What did prehistoric Earth really look like and when did man evolve? What does my finger nail look like through a microscope? Why is the sky blue? How are rainbows formed? What does an ice crystal look like as it grows? The list is endless! With a journey through Earth and Beyond we can help you answer so many more questions about Earth and our place in the Universe.
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